Veterans Day Parade

Troop 75 celebrated Veterans Day by participating in the Veterans Day Parade.  Mr. Manuel brought100_1561

Deer Dancer and Como Se  the llamas, and we took turns leading them down Poyntz Avenue.

It was great to have the Venturing Crew with us.

Mafeking and Thanksgiving Campout

100_1554On November 8th we had a Mafeking/Thanksgiving campout at Pott Co. Lake, and we had lots of fun.  The Mafeking challenge course gave us the chance to learn how to cross a monkey bridge, orienteer, build fires, make a stretcher and lash a ladder. . .and we did it all at night.  My favorite part of Mafeking was trying to make it through the Boer’s mines.  The Thanksgiving meal was really good.  We had turkey and ham and all of the other Thanksgiving goodies.  Our Troop cooked two turkey’s in Mr. Manuel’s contraptions.  One turkey was cooked in an inverted trash can.  One turkey was hung and cooked in a steel cube.  It was great to have new Scouts, Webelos and our Venturing Crew join us.  We had lots of fun!

Egg Delivery System

Egg Delivery Engineering ProjectOne of our Troop Merit Badges was Engineering where you had to create something that could be dropped and prevent an egg malfunction. This pictures shows all of the projects that were tested for egg delivery during a recent Merit Badge Meeting. Mr. Manuel thought that it would be a great idea to drop a chicken. We were not able to prove whether the egg cracked, but the chicken seemed unharmed.

August 2013 Court of Honor

Congratulations to all of our scouts for their advancements and awards. Over the summer the troop participated in two summer camps, high adventures, and the National Jamboree. The troop earned 132 merit badges and 108 scouts spent 613 nights camping.

During the COH it was announced that the troop will work on the Family Life, Game Design, Engineering, and Sustainability Merit Badges.

Don’t forget to sign up for the K S U game day parking, Zoo Day, OA Conclave, Henry Doorly Zoo/Indian Cave Campout, the Fall Camporee and the Bike Ride Campout at one of our upcoming meetings.

Camp Hansen

Mitch Custer and Egan Dritz had a good time at Camp Hansen this past July. When asked about their favorite things about camp they said swimming and the variety of merit badges. They thought the most memorable thing was the bonfire with the Order of the Arrow. They thought it was a good experience and are looking forward to future campouts.

2013 Boundary Waters Trip

DSCN1039_zps241d3bdbSixteen scouts and six adult leaders from Troop 75 recently returned from a five day canoe trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe area in northern Minnesota with the Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a collection of stunning lakes and boreal forest laced with endless possibilities for canoe routes and adventures. Over 1 million acres in size, it is a part of the Superior National Forest which is operated by the US Forest Service.The group departed Manhattan on Friday Aug. 3 and returned Sunday Aug. 11. The group was divided into 3 different crews with each crew taking a different route. The group stayed in church basements on the way up and the way back and made stops at local swimming pools as well. The entire group also visited the Lake Superior Marine Museum in Duluth, MN on the way home. Pictures are available on the Troop 75 Photobucket page.

Troop 75 Conducts Llama Training


New members of Troop 75 completed their llama training. Our troop uses llamas to pack gear on our Colorado backpacking trips. The scouts learned about the llama species, how to care for them, and how to mount a saddle. We then took a 1.5 mile llama hike. All the participants received Llama Training Certification Cards to reward their efforts.

Troop Leadership Council Still Scheduled for Tonight

The weather forecast is for the snow to hold off unitl after 10 PM tonight, so we will be having our Troop Leadership Council meeting tonight.

Bowling Party Next Monday Night at the KSU Student Union Bowling Alley

Bowling Night, Mon, Dec 17th

S.W.I.P.E Out Hunger with K-State and Numana

Several scouts from Troop 75 and their families participated in the SWIPE Out Hunger food packaging event on Sunday October 28th at the National Guard Armory in Manhattan. All of the food packaged will be sent through the Salvation Army World Service Office to the Horn of Africa to assist in the famine. Participants also had the opportunity to meet senator Jerry Moran who was also volunteering that day.  The Troop 75 volunteers are pictured below with Senator Moran (left).

Volunteers with Senator Moran

Troop 75 Volunteers at SWIPE Out Hunger 10/28/12