Adult Leadership

troop 75 adult leadership 2015

Scoutmaster SM Carl Griese
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Rob Caffey
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Barry Clark
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Jon Cramner
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Tommy Giordano
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Kevin Gwinner
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Aaron Bowyer
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Jon Brock
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Mark Ellner
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Paul Scheele
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Matt Curtis
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Jack Pritchard
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Mike Schreckengost
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Brian Waits
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Eric Williams
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Brian Shaver
Assistant Scoutmaster ASM Sanna Cranmer

Committee Membership and Position

Troop Committee Chair Cmte Chair Dustin Taylor
Treasurer Cmte Mbr Bruce Ramundo
Secretary Cmte Mbr Deanna Likes
Advancement Coordinator Cmte Mbr Scott Benjamin
Advancement Coordinator Back-up Cmte Mbr Matt Curtis
Merit Badge Coordinator Cmte Mbr Matt Curtis
Fund Raising Coordinator Cmte Mbr Dustin Taylor
Chaplain Cmte Mbr Paul Scheele
Outdoor/Activity Coordinator Cmte Mbr Brian Shaver
Equipment Coordinator Cmte Mbr Kevin Gwinner
Training Coordinator Cmte Mbr Tommy Giordano
Information Technology Manager ASM Chris Holborn

Committee and Other Leadership

Recharter Coordinator Cmte Mbr Dustin Taylor
Publicity & Communications Coord. Cmte Mbr Matt Curtis
Facebook Manager Cmte Mbr Mark Ellner
Boards of Review Coordinator Cmte Mbr John Spangler
Court of Honor Coordinator Cmte Mbr Rachel Benjamin
Service Coordinator Cmte Mbr Kent Manuel
Recruitment Coordinator ASM Eric Williams
New Parent Integration Coordinator Cmte Mbr Eric Williams
Scouting For Food Coordinator Cmte Mbr Aaron Bowyer
Friends of Scouting Coordinator Cmte Mbr Eric Williams
Attendance Monitor ASM Jack Pritchard
Mid Rank Counselor Cmte Mbr Chris Holborn
Eagle Scout Coach Cmte Chair John Spangler
OA Coordinator/Liasion ASM Tommy Giordano
Golden Eagle Coord/Liasion ASM Tommy Giordano
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster JASM
Religious Award Coordinator Parent Paul Scheele
Medical Coordinator Parent Jon Brock
TC unassigned Cmte Mbr Jenn Shaver
Committees and Other
Position Registered NEW
Fundraising Cmte Member Parent Aaron Bowyer
Fundraising Cmte Member Parent Ben Kohl
Fundraising Cmte Member Parent
Spaghetti Dinner Cmte Director Parent Tracy Holborn
Spaghetti Dinner Cmte Member Parent Mary Shawgo
Spaghetti Dinner Cmte Member Parent Misty Waits
Popcorn Fundraiser Kernal Parent Dustin Taylor
Popcorn Fundraiser Parent Eric Williams
Court of Honor Cmte Member Parent Tina Pritchard
Court of Honor Cmte Member Parent
Adult Registration and Training Tommy Giordano
Youth Leader Training Dustin Taylor
Recruitment Cmte Member Scott Benjamin
Recruitment Cmte Member Matt Curtis