About Troop 75

Troop75 Scouts on a Hike

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your son that will change his life and make him a better adult, where your involvement is vital, then get him involved in Scouting.
Scouting develops future leaders of:
strong character
good citizenship
all-round fitness
The eight methods used by all good troops make Scouting unique:
  • Scouting Ideals (Promise, Law, Motto, Slogan)
  • Patrol System
  • Advancement
  • Outdoor Program
  • Adult Role Models
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Scout Uniform

About Scouting
You can’t get what Scouting offers anywhere but in Scouting!
It’s more than fun—it’s an Adventure!

Why Choose Troop 75?

The Troop 75 Program of Adventure:

  • Centers on adventure for all ages
  • Special adventures for senior scouts
  • Active, ambitious outdoor program for all Scouts
  • Boys learn leadership by leading, not by watching
  • Outdoor program and advancement are tools to teach Scouting
  • Duty to God is part of Scouting, as interpreted by a boy’s family

Troop 75 Facts

  • Troop 75 recently celebrated it’s 75th year of scouting excellence
  • Our chartering organization (sponsor) is First United Methodist Church of Manhattan, Kansas
  • Troop 75 is known as the “Llama Troop” as the troop on occasion uses llamas as pack animals for campouts.  Each Troop 75 scout is offered a unique opportunity to learn how to work with the llamas.