Cold Weather Campouts

This past spring Troop 75 participated in a survival campout
near Mr. Manuel’s farm. Mitch Custer helped give a good summary
of what it is like to be on a cold weather campout.photo5_zpsca3504f6

Sheridan: What was your favorite part of the survival camout?

Mitch: The food was the best part, because I cooked it myself.

Sheridan: What was the most memorable thing that happened
at the survival campout?
Mitch: The leaders gave us all a snickers bar that we could
eat whenever we wanted to.

Sheridan: What types of things did you do?
Mitch: We built shelters, built fires, and cooked food.

Sheridan: Were you cold? What were some important personal
items to take?
Mitch: I wasn’t cold. Make sure that you take a warm sleeping bag,
warm clothes, toiletries, and water proof containers.

Sheridan: What type of sheter did you build?
Mitch: I laid a poncho over a tree branch to make a quick A-frame shelter.

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